In the beautiful paradise of an untouched nature lies a heart of Lastovo gastronomy. Almost 30 years so far, we are trying to give our customers the best specialities and services.

We are situated in a small picturesque place Uble, just 100 meters from the ferry port and 11 kilometers from the Lastovo main center. To be more accessible, just 10 meters away we have a free mooring capable of handling 10 ships at once. Large terace covers the whole south side of the house and has the most astonishing view on the Lastovo archipelago.

Our rich menu features homemade food and drinks made after family recipe. Cow cheese is produced almost on daily basis, as well as the bread from stone oven. Fine wine, purest olive oil and all kind of rakias are some of the things you must try.
We also offer delivery on-site and free transport for our guests. Konoba Pece can hold up to 60 people. Our knowledge, passion, love and energy that we put in is the perhaps the best invitation that you can receive. Welcome!